An Introduction

Who are we?

We’re goalies, just like you.  We share the same passion that thousands of goalies around the world exhibit on a daily basis, whether it be on ice, inline tile, or even out on the pavement for a little street hockey.

With hundreds of thousands of hours of combined net time we have the first-hand experience and knowledge to help you stay informed and make a knowledgeable decision when choosing your gear.  Just like you, we get all giddy when we see the latest line of gear or when we step out on the ice for the first time in a new pair of pads.  It’s a passion GoalieMonkey has demonstrated since the days of a small room in our now expanded Santa Ana, Ca location and continuing today with 7 (and counting!) retail locations spanning all over the world.  Each location has the knowledge and service to provide a one-of-a-kind experience with an incredible selection available nowhere else.

With Customer Service, it simply wouldn’t make sense to have someone who plays baseball or lacrosse, or, heaven forbid hockey forward helping you choose gear for you to be protected out on the rink.  From our GoalieMonkey Superstore and online customer service representatives to our goalie buyer and product marketing team, we’re all goalies, and we’re here to help you find the gear you need.  After all, it’s the only thing keeping you protected from the little galvanized rubber disk we all have developed a love-hate relationship with.  (Disclaimer: We’re also not writers, so please be patient)

With that, we would like to formally introduce you to our shiny new blog.  Over time we hope to relay the knowledge we have accumulated from years of experience onto you so that you may stay better informed in your gear purchasing decisions.  Occasionally we will switch it up, focusing on a different aspect of the game, breaking goalie news, or simply awesome new products were excited to share.  We will work to provide honest-to-goodness information and reviews, while maintaining a neutral perspective, so that we can become a vital source for information that you can trust.

We welcome you to the GoalieMonkey Blog!

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