Bauer Vapor 1X – Full Set On Ice Review

Bauer Hockey continues to utilize their OD1N Project with proprietary builds, designs and materials to bring you the Vapor 1X line of gear. When compared to the Supreme line of gear, the Vapor 1X line features a similar build and design with different tweaks along the way for a different style of goalie. Below we share our detailed photos along with in game review of the set!

Bauer Vapor 1X Leg Pad Review

Here are the specs of the 1X Leg Pads:

  • Senior Small (Roughly 33+1)
  • Long tune fit calf strap
  • Long Velcro knee strap
  • No boot strap

The Bauer Vapor 1X leg pads have a similar construction when compared to the Supreme 1S line, but the differences between the lines are noticeable during in game play. The 1X leg pads have double internal breaks both above and below the knee which aids in more flex and bend in the pads. The softer internal construction can also be found in the boot which will help the goalie crouch into a deeper stance without the ill effects of the pad digging into the ice. Another new design is a fully recessed leg calf wrap which is laced in to the pad, just inside of the binding. This new calf design allows for a more stable sliding surface and a solid seal along the inside edge. The 1X pad still has a C.O.R.Tech outer material which aids in better sliding due to its tight stretch on the pad and its water resistant features.

Along the top binding of the pad, the thigh has been thinned out to a thinner edge with a full stitched binding which reduces the amount of friction and wear that OD1N pads used to get. This thinner edge also makes for a better seal and closure at the five hole.

Going into the knee section of the pad, you will find a new knee block that has a new landing surface and shape. The top portion of the knee block features Ax Suede Quattro material that is soft to the touch but helps grip when needed. The pads have a stitched in outer knee lock so the goalie can strap the knee Velcro directly behind the knee, but still have the option of attaching it to the calf. The top edge of the knee block has a 45 degree cut in it which is designed to provide goalies better movement without sacrificing coverage or protection. This strategic cut gives better movement as the knee blocks do not hit or clip into one another during saves and transitional movements.

In the calf section, there is a brand new design which features a very clean and simple attachment system, but still gives the goalie the optimal customization and comfort. The Tune Fit strapping system is a single strap with an adjustor in the middle which allows the strap to slide and move around to perfectly hug on the leg while still pulling the inner edge of the calf wing. The outer calf wrap is a large patch of soft Velcro which gives the goalie the ability to put the strap anywhere. On the outside of the calf, there is an “opposite” strap which supports the calf wing and closes the leg channel. This strap is made of a soft and slightly elastic piece which can stretch around the leg. Finally, the pad comes without a boot strap but can be added if needed.

When these pads were taken to be used on the ice, there was almost no adjustment time needed. Right out of the box, I was able to take the pads to the rink for a game. When getting dressed in the locker room, I noticed the pads were much easier to put on compared to the 1S, due to the new Tune Fit strapping system. During my first movements on the ice, the seal to the ice was simple and flush, rebounds rocketed hard to the corner and everything was light on my body. The C.O.R.Tech skin made sliding an absolute breeze and found myself actually over sliding plays and needing to dial back on my pushes.

Bauer Vapor 1X Blocker Review

I will always continue to sing my song that a blocker is NOT just a blocker, but the Vapor 1X blocker is a great addition to Bauer’s lineup. Below are the specs:

  • Regular Hand
  • Stock sized palm

The 1X blocker is the successor of the 6000 and 9000 lines, but features Curv composite across the face. This gives extra life and pop to the blocker when directing pucks into the corner and this is due to the addition of Curv Composite on the face. The Free Flex Cuff has a large wide opening which allows for plenty of room for the arm of chest protector and complete range of motion. The cuff features 37.5 Technology which dramatically reduces the buildup of sweat and smell.

Next, the palm features the same AX Suede Quattro pro material in the palm, same as featured in the knee stacks. This palm aids in a fantastic grip on the stick but is extremely comfortable on the palm.

With on ice usage, I noticed a very easy and natural grip on the stick which made making saves very easy. The blocker pushes pucks to the corner and is extremely lightweight on the back of the hand, reducing fatigue and tiredness. I also noticed a refined and clean grip through the game as the AX Suede material was not getting as wet and slippery as some other blockers I have used.

Bauer Vapor 1X Glove Review

The Bauer Vapor 1X Glove features a new design that utilizes the tried and true 1 piece 60 degree style break. Here are the specs for the 1X glove:

  • Regular Hand
  • One-piece cuff
  • Hybrid T

The internal plastic and molds of the 1X glove have been redesigned and relayered to provide a better closure and feel on the hand. Out of the box, the glove comes very broken in and ready to face pucks. The Hybrid T has a Single T look to it, but has a removed section on the back base of the T which aids in a better closure along with extra sight into the pocket.

The cuff has Curv Composite in it to increase protection and rigidity to keep pucks in front of the body. The Curv composite can also be found in the palm and finger tips to keep the glove structurally sound and prevent premature breakdown.

Lining the palm of the glove, there is the same AX Suede Quattro material which gives the proper soft feel and grip when needed. The liner feels tight on the fingers to help pull the glove closed, but it is smooth enough so you can easily pull the glove off for adjustments.

During on ice usage, I found this glove to be an incredible comparison to other Reebok/CCM 590 degree closures, but with a more comfortable closure. The cuff is slightly smaller to present a larger pocket to the shooter, but it still sits comfortably on the hand to protect the wrist. The pocket of the glove is very wide open and makes catching pucks feel normal and natural. The Hybrid T is very deep and soft to help retain pucks, while the perimeter of the T is still rigid enough to grab onto the stick to play the puck.

Final Thoughts

The Vapor 1X line is a performance based pad made for the goaltender who wants to slide with ease, kick rebounds out hard, and wear some of the lightest gear on the market. This line is incredibly simple to put on and wear by utilizing strategically placed elastic strapping systems. If you are a goalie who is intrigued by Bauer’s OD1N line, but wants to have a pad with more curve and flex, check out the Bauer Vapor 1X line now at

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