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No matter what the level, goalies are not only constantly looking for the latest and greatest gear, but also searching for answers to their curious nagging questions.  Unfortunately not every goalie has the luxury of living near a MonkeySports or GoalieMonkey location, and so, these questions remain mostly unanswered.

Well, if you haven’t heard, there’s a mighty little thing called the internet, giving goalies the opportunity to find the answers they’ve always been looking for.  As with any topic on the internet, the results can be a bit overwhelming, with untrustworthy sources abound.  With this blog, I will outline a few of the most well-known resources, along with the different information that can be found on each.  As always, don’t forget to leave your comments and tell us which resource or sites you like best!

Links to each site are provided in RED YouTube Channel

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GoalieMonkey YouTube Channel

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GoalieStore Bulletin Board 

GoalieStoreSince 1999, the GoalieStore Bulletin Board (or GSBB for short) has graced the world with its endless knowledge and information on nearly EVERYTHING goalie related.  Reviews, General Equipment Forum, and even The Workshop are sub-forums within the site.  There’s even an inline goalie-specific forum!  Have a question? Chances are, it has been asked here before.  Want to browse some of the coolest new pictures of NHL goalie gear? Check out the “Official Gear ‘Sitings’ Thread” (The misspelling of “Sightings” is a long running joke on the board).  With over 75,000 topics, GSBB and its 15 years of history are one of the most widely known resources in the goalie world.  Be sure to check out our GoalieMonkey sub-forum as well!  …If only I had a penny for every hour I’ve spent on this board…

Goalie Store Bulliten Board Forum




The one and only magazine specifically for goalies!  From product reviews to training discussion and pro interviews, this magazine has it all.  Available exclusively online, the wonderful creators of InGoalMag post a monthly issue and are sure to post nearly every day with new content keeping things fresh, even in the off-season.  This is a great time killer while on long road trips or even after arriving early to a game.  Be sure to check out their ‘Directory’ section for a comprehensive list of Goalie Schools/Coaches, gear manufacturers, and mask artists.

In Goal Mag


The Goalie Guild

The brainchild of pro goalie consultant and writer Justin Goldman, The Goalie Guild is dedicated to enhancing and advancing the goalie community through a wide variety of consulting, coaching, and creative design services.  My favorite features of The Goalie Guild are the PadsTracker and PadsFactory.  PadsTracker stays up to date on every piece of equipment each NHL goalie wears, so you too can see exactly what a goalie chooses to protect themselves.  Likewise, PadsFactory offers blank templates for nearly every available piece of custom equipment on the market including pads, gloves, blockers, and masks.

The Goalie Guild

The Goalie Guild Pads Tracker 

The GoalieCrease has emerged recently as a powerful resource for reviews and other general equipment information to supplement GSBB.  Owner Tommy Ames not only moderates the forum, but also gives his own insight into the equipment world with extensive reviews on a variety of products (hint: see his Koho 589 gear review HERE, as well as his Koho Swiss Knee pad review and discussion HERE). Similar to GSBB, check out our GoalieMonkey sub-forum for the latest things we have to talk about! Forum


HockeyWorld Blog 

Not so much a goalie-specific resource, but it’s always nice to know about the newest technology players are loading into their arsenal.  Occasionally goalies will get a little love, but this blog is a great way to stay up to date with the newest stories and equipment around the sport.

Hockey World Blog


For those of you who prefer social media, I’ve included the handles of the biggest gear manufacturers. Stay up to date on Instagram and Twitter!


Bauer Hockey: @bauerhockey

CCM Hockey: @ccmhockey

Brian’s Custom Sports: @goaliesonly

Koho Goalie: @koho_goalie

Warrior Hockey (Instagram): @warriorhky

Warrior Hockey (Twitter): @warrior

Vaughn Goalie (Instagram): @vaughncustomsports

Vaughn Goalie (Twitter): @vaughnhockey



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