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MonkeySports - Northridge

Sports play a huge role in the Southern California lifestyle. To help satisfy the Los Angeles area demand for baseball, softball, goalie, hockey, and lacrosse equipment, MonkeySports has set up shop in Northridge, CA. The 26,000 square foot facility is fully loaded to gear you for your selective sport, both on and off the field.

MonkeySports - Northridge Storefront

While MonkeySports aims to help outfit the community with quality equipment, it is not our main goal. MonkeySports understands the lessons, memories, and impact sports can have on an individual’s life. Helping create an environment in the community that promotes involvement in sports is the ultimate goal of MonkeySports. Providing the public with all the necessary gear is simply a method to help foster this positive sports environment.

The Northridge store features a state of the art batting cage, a lacrosse rebounder, and a shooting room with synthetic ice. The facilities at the Northridge location are aimed to provide the customer with a unique experience that promotes confidence by giving them an opportunity to use a product prior to purchasing it.

MonkeySports - Northridge Location

The friendly and knowledgeable MonkeySports staff is one of our greatest assets. Many MonkeySports employees are both current and former athletes who are eager to share their passion and knowledge of their respective sport with our customers.

From excellent facilities to a top notch staff, MonkeySports-Northridge is striving to enhance the sports culture in Southern California. When gearing up for the season, look no further than MonkeySports-Northridge.


Our Northridge location comes fully equipped with everything you will need to stand out on the diamond this season. From an extensive selection of bats, gloves, and cleats, to a vast collection of the best on-field accessories. MonkeySports-Northridge is your one stop shop for all your baseball and softball needs.

MonkeySports - Northridge Batting Cage

The Northridge store has a state of the art batting cage that gives our customers the unique opportunity to try multiple bats prior to purchasing one. The batting cage comes equipped with a baseball simulator called HitTrax. The HitTrax provides a hitter with key performance metrics and helps our customers decide which bat is best for them.

The glove wall at MonkeySports Northridge features an unmatched selection of baseball gloves. The glove wall gives customers a chance to see and touch products they wouldn’t have the opportunity to elsewhere. Whether your sport is fastpitch, slowpitch, or baseball, MonkeySports has the glove for you.

MonkeySports - Northridge Glove Wall

MonkeySports-Northridge carries cleats and training shoes from all of the top names in the game such as Nike, New Balance, Adidas, and Under Armour. An artificial turf area gives the customer a better feel for how the cleat will perform on the field. MonkeySports will have the perfect fit to help take your game to the next level, both on and off the diamond.

From the wide selection of equipment to the unique store features, MonkeySports-Northridge is a ballplayer’s paradise. Swing by our Northridge retail store to fulfill all your baseball and softball needs.


No matter the age or skill, our MonkeySports – Northridge location is dedicated to outfitting goaltenders with the latest and greatest offerings from all of our manufacturers. This location carries expanded selections of Goalie leg pads, gloves, blockers, sticks, pants, chest protectors and all necessary protective pieces of equipment to get the goalie ready on the ice!

Starting with our unique fit station, we have a large synthetic sheet in front of a 3 sided mirror to give the goalie the ultimate feel of their new equipment. This sheet of material allows the goalie to put on their skates and lower body equipment to get the ultimate fit in their goalie pads coupled with the visual presentation of how the gear sits on their body. Accompanied by one of our highly trained staff members, the goalie will have the best personal experience to learn exactly what works for their size, budget and preference.

MonkeySports - Northridge Goalie Gloves

Wrapping around the entire wall of the goalie section, you will find towering shelves fully stocked with leg pads, sure to make any goalies jaw drop. We will have offerings from all major brands and vendors in the newest styles in stock colors and even our exclusive GoalieMonkey colorways.

Throughout the section, there are walls of Glove and Blocker sets which aim to give the goalie the ultimate opportunity to find the best fit for their style. Since catching gloves tend to be the most unique piece of equipment for a goalie, our selection will provide the goaltender with an easy shopping experience so they can comparatively shop to find their cornerstone glove.

MonkeySports - Northridge Goalie Sticks

Wrapping all of the selection together, our customers will find the best shopping experience to find the gear most suited for their budget, all while offering the best colorways of stock goalie equipment. Stop by our MonkeySports – Northridge retail location to satisfy all of your unique goaltender needs for your next ice time!


Even though hockey is considered a northern sport, it has been fully embraced in Southern California. Our Northridge location lets players of all ages and skill levels further their love for the game. All the tops brands in the hockey world are on display for you to try on and test out.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you have, or get you sized and fitted for any piece of equipment in store. You can also walk through our vast selection of gear and find out for yourself what will work best for you. The store will have all the different lines of equipment to ensure the fit you need is in stock. Also, all the newest helmet, glove, and protective technology will be on display. All of this will help educate both players and parents to keep them safe and protected on the ice.

MonkeySports - Northridge Hockey Helmets

Looking to get your skates sharpened or repaired? Let our staff give you the perfect edge or custom radius, replace destroyed or damaged rivets, or cut down that new stick. If you are in a hurry, Northridge has an in-house Sparx machine to get that great cut quickly.

Don’t know what stick is going to get you the speed, power, or accuracy desired? Try one of them out in the shooting room. The store features a shooting room with demo sticks from top brands like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, True, and STX in different flexes and curves. Adult and youth players can test any brand to give them the stick to make that perfect pass or score the game winning goal.

MonkeySports - Northridge Shooting Room

The Northridge store also works with the local hockey community to help all players experience and enjoy the game. Partnering with the Los Angeles Kings, Monkey Sports was able to size and provide gear for many first time players. We will continue events with the local area to continue to grow the sport, and allow kids to play this great game.


Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in California and Monkey Sports-Northridge is ready to grow with it. Our Northridge location is packed with a large selection of sticks, heads, protective gear, and everything else you will need to dominate on the field. Whether you are an elite level player or picking up a stick for the first time, Monkey Sports-Northridge is here to provide the best products and staff.

MonkeySports - Northridge Lacrosse Counter

A unique feature to MonkeySports-Northridge is the turf space inside. The turf area features a rebounder to provide the customer an opportunity to try out different stick options. Having the opportunity to try out various stick options provides our customers with a unique buying experience.

The lacrosse head wall at our Northridge location is stacked with options for every style of play. Top of the line equipment covers the walls with brands like Warrior, Maverik, and True. With our huge selection of heads and shafts, you are sure to find something that fits your style of play.

Finding the right balance of comfort and performance is important when selecting your footwear. If you don’t have the right fit or cleat for the field of play, you can be at a great disadvantage. Armed with a knowledgeable staff and top notch product, MonkeySports-Northridge will make sure you walk away in the best cleat for you.

MonkeySports - Northridge Lacrosse Wall

MonkeySports-Northridge is designed with the player in mind. From our vast selection of heads, sticks, and protective gear, to the opportunity to try equipment prior to purchasing it, MonkeySports aims to create a positive experience for every type of customer.

In Conclusion…

MonkeySports – Northridge provides our customers with a unique buying experience and offers a huge selection of goods. Regardless of skill level or experience, MonkeySports – Northridge is a great option for any athlete to shop at. If you can’t make it in to our Northridge location, please visit:,,,

MonkeySports – Northridge is located at:

19500E W Plummer St.
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 626-8240

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