Side By Side: Coveted Masks By Ron Stefaniuk

For over 15 years, Coveted Goalie Masks have been hand crafted in Canada by Designer and Founder, Ron Stefaniuk. Throughout his tenure, Ron has taken direct customer feedback and created unique shell shapes to fit all styles of goaltenders that are looking for top of the line materials and protection. Within this blog, our aim is to provide an in depth look and break down the different fits and shapes through Coveted masks to ensure that our customers are getting the right fit and protection that Ron and Coveted bring to the goalie world. At the bottom, we have provided a comparative guide with all Coveted Masks listed.

Through all of the Pro Coveted Masks, they are built with hand laid Fiberglass and full Kevlar reinforcements to achieve ultimate pro level protection for the highest level of shots. The insides of the masks are finished with a sleek carbon build to show the customer the exact high end material that is protecting their head.

Starting with the most iconic style and design, the Coveted 906 Pro is designed to fit wide across the temples, but with more volume across the chin and cheeks to provide a slightly generous fit. Also, the 906 will feature specific forehead and crown ridges which help reduce impact from pucks hitting the top of the head.

Moving to a similar design, the 905 Pro is made for goaltenders that prefer a slightly tighter fit than its 906 Pro counterpart but prefer a similar look and feel. However, there is a function difference in the 905 where the ridges and chin shape are less defined. With this difference, goaltenders who plan to get their mask painted or wrapped would find this shape to be easier to work with in that regard.

The next three models of the 3:13 Pro, X-3 Pro and A5 Pro will be grouped together within a line as they all share similar styles and shapes.

The 3:13 Pro model is the mask that Coveted recommends as being the mask that fits almost all goaltenders. While it may seem like a wider fit when compared to the other models, it has a unique head shape while fits a large number of goalies. Most who try this on find it very comfortable and need minimal adjustment.

Next, the X-3 Pro continues with a similar style, but yields a slightly different fit within the temple, cheek and chin. The temple and crown of the X-3 could fit a larger top of the head, but has a thinner profile on the cheek and chin to keep the mask snug on the goaltenders entire head.

Rounding out these models, the A5 Pro will be the tightest fit in the temple and cheek when compared to the X-3 and 3:13. There is also a different build style where the top ridges across the forehead are not as pronounced giving the mask an overall softer look. While the ridges might be slightly reduced, they are not in any way less protective for the goaltender.

Next, Coveted Masks offer some larger masks for goaltenders who have a difficult time fitting in to the current retail offerings. With the Omega and Omega Combo, goaltenders who have the large measurements are sure to find a proper fit.

Both of these mask feature identical fits and material construction on the head which are ideal for folks who are looking for an XL or relaxed fit. The largest difference between the two models is the oversized cage and slightly reduced chin on the Omega Combo. Throughout the top half of the helmet, there are soft raised ridges to promote more volume on the inside of the helmet while still giving the goaltender the protection they desire.

While Coveted uses the highest quality materials in their helmets, they have continued the same design through the A5 Certified Senior and Junior models. However, the inside Carbon finish is removed and just has painted fiberglass. Don’t worry though; you are still getting the standard Fiberglass/Kevlar build pattern that the Pro helmets do.


Both the A5 Senior and A5 Junior are the same makeup, but the Senior sizes are meant for adults as where the Junior is meant for younger goalies or goalies with a smaller head size. The A5 Certified Large and XL are the same size shell but the XL has thinner foam installed which provides more volume inside the shell to fit a bigger range. You will find similar foam installed in the Small and Medium Junior A5 Certified masks with the Medium having smaller foam to fit the larger head. Also, noting the difference between the A5 Senior and Junior Certified models, there is a dramatic chin length difference where the A5 Junior is shorter to provide a better fit against the shoulder floaters for younger goaltenders.

If you are a goaltender who is shopping masks and are looking for an elite-level mask with handmade build quality, assembled in Canada, with unique fits for all styles, check out the Coveted line of Goalie Masks.


Coveted Masks Sizing Chart
Model Crown Diameter (in inches) Temple Fit Cheek Fit Chin Fit
906 Pro 22 3/4 – 23 1/4 Wide – 4 Wide/Generous – 3 Medium Wide – 3
905 Pro 22 1/2 – 23 1/4 Medium Wide – 3 Medium – 2 Medium Wide – 2
3:13 Pro 22 3/4 – 23 1/4 Medium Wide – 4 Wide/Generous – 3 Medium Wide – 4
X3 Pro 23 – 24 Wide – 4 Medium Wide – 2.5 Medium – 2
A5 Pro 22 – 23 Wide – 2.5 Medium – 2 Medium – 2
Omega Pro 23 – 24 Extra Wide – 5 Extra Wide – 5 Extra Wide – 5
Omega Combo Pro 23 – 24 Extra Wide – 5 Extra Wide – 5 Extra Wide – 5
A5 Senior (L-XL) 21 1/4 – 22 3/4 Medium Wide – 2.5 Medium Wide – 2 Medium Wide – 2
A5 Junior (S-M) 20 1/4 – 21 1/4 Medium – 1 Medium – 1 Medium – 1
Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. Fit 1 will be the most narrow and Fit 5 will be the widest.


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