Exclusive Look: CCM Revolution Leg Pads, Glove and Blocker!

Here at GoalieMonkey we are pleased to team up with CCM and bring out one of the most unique and exclusive lines of goaltending equipment, the CCM Revolution line, powered by Koho.

For years, GoalieMonkey has been the exclusive supplier of Koho equipment and we have continued that trend with this Revolution lineup. With a slight rebranding, the design, merit and intent of the Koho line has been to pay homage to years of high end design all packaged with high end specs. We believe that this is the highest quality Koho-inspired lineup that we have ever brought to the table and all of the specs, details and designs meet the needs of today’s goaltender.

Whether you are a butterfly style goalie, hybrid or just a pure gear enthusiast the CCM Revolution line has a sleek look with modifications and specs sure to suit your need.

Here is the full breakdown of the CCM Revolution lineup, starting with the pads!



CCM Revolution 597 Senior Goalie Leg Pads:

Starting with the graphic on the CCM Revolution Leg Pads, we have re-engineered the iconic Koho 590 graphic and utilized contemporary styles to create a stunning look. The main graphic change is within the placement of the logos down on the outer roll to showcase better wear over time and a newly colored outer roll which is synonymous with graphics over the last few years. The CCM Revolution 597 will be a softer style build for goaltenders that appreciate torsional movement and flex but also still play the butterfly style.

Starting with a strong visual pop, we have started off with an ExtremeFlex 3 base with completely flattened knee rolls to provide more predictable rebounds while still keeping a hybrid and flexible feel. Coupled with the softer build, we have added an internal double break to give a solid S curve to goaltenders without the worry of the thigh breaking down over time.

Within the graphic, you will find CCM’s proprietary Speed Skin material, which helps goalies slide with speed around the crease.

Now, the back of the pad is truly designed for goalies who want the ultimate culmination of lightweight and simple strapping, smooth rotation down to the butterfly but all while maintain a snug feel across the leg. Our Revolution 597 pad comes with a unique knee, leg and boot channel that has never been offered before on a CCM line. This specific design is for goaltenders that prefer a tighter fit, but do not want the bulk and weight of extra straps.

Throughout the entire back of the pad, we have taken tweaks from CCM’s Super Tight Fit design. Amongst pro goaltenders, this is one of the most utilized aspects and we feel that the retail market needs the same treatment. Traditionally the Super Tight Fit leg channel is laced to the back of the pad and cannot be modified… in theory making it tough for goalies to find positive adjustments. However, we have made strategic changes to the outer knee wing, inner calf wings and outer calf wrap to promote positive pad rotation.

Starting in the knee section, there is a redesigned Super Tight Fit knee section. We have reduced the outer knee wing to be a similar shape to what is found on the Premier II. While this piece is not removable, it is thin enough to not get caught under any knee pad design, reduce weight and sit more comfortably on the knee. On the back of the knee section is a specific nylon material which helps promote even faster rotation and allow for better durability over time.

Moving throughout the leg channel, the Super Tight Fit design continues, however it is entirely lined with a nylon material which provides a smooth rotation on the goalies leg. There is a tight inner and outer calf wing which runs along the core lacing to provide a very snug fit to keep the goaltenders leg snug in the pad. On top of these two inner wings, you will find a short elastic strap designed to sit on top of the calf muscle much like you would see on an internal knee rotation strap similar to other pads on the market.

Another large change from the Super Tight Fit leg channel is the different outer calf wrap. Historically, the Super Tight Fit leg channel would come with a “loose fit” outer calf wrap which was one solid piece without any segments or spots for Velcro straps. We found this design was limiting for goaltenders and their strapping preferences. Now the Revolution line features the outer calf wrap from a Tight Fit design which has segments to conform to the calf muscle, boot of the skate and spots to attach Velcro from the calf or from the knee.

If you prefer to angle their knee lock down to the calf, you will find an oversized patch of Pro sized Velcro so you can get the exact fit. Closing off the entire calf, you will find calf elastic similar to the EF3 model where it pulls from the inside edge of the pad, through the inner calf wrap and closes on the outer calf wrap. Small adjustments were made for this strap to pull from the actual inside edge of the pad for better rotation.

In the boot section, the Revolution has a different inner calf design which creates more room for the skate to engage with the ice. With the removal of the larger inner calf wedge and adding in the smaller inner Super Tight Fit calf wings, there is actually more room for the skate to make contact with the ice, making it easier for goalies to recover and make quick movements during play. As seen throughout the knee and calf, the same nylon material extends in the boot to create a smooth feel against the skate, so the pad can transition in all movements.


CCM Revolution 597 Senior Goalie Blocker:

CCM’s blockers are known for their consistent hard rebounds, solid balance and great comfort out of the box and the Revolution blocker is no different.

With the graphic, you will see the continued look of the iconic Koho 590 design, but with a few changes. On the face, there is a large bindingless surface designed to showcase the maximum amount of surface allowed. This bindingless design also helps reduce overall wear by removing the binding at the perimeter of the blocker.

The sidewall of the Revolution blocker is entirely bindingless as well which provides the same clean look with improved durability. This sidewall is re-engineered to be lighter and provide even more balance before, making the goalies job even easier.

Building on the sidewall protection, there is a new lace in feature on the curved finger protection which yields a better closure when keeping the blocker tight to the body in the butterfly. This design also helps provide better coverage against the stick when compared to the older design of the curved finger protection spec.

Through the wrist opening, our Revolution blockers features CCM’s newest One Piece cuff design which allows for solid mobility and quick easy adjustments to create the proper tightness goalies might desire on their wrist. This one piece designs acts like a funnel where it fills negative space between the blocker and chest protector to keep the blocker stable on the hand.

The board itself is made of thick heat laminated dual density HD foams with a centered hand design which gives the goalie a natural feel and balance on the wrist. This board is very thick and helps launch pucks into the corner when angled properly.

Through the palm on the blocker is CCM’s suregrip material which has a slight tack to it, ultimately helping the goalie with the best grip on their stick throughout use. Only available on the 599 model, you will see strategic D3O reinforcements in the index finger to help protect against any pucks riding up the paddle of the stick towards the fingers.



CCM Revolution 597 Senior Goalie Glove:

Everyone loves talking about gloves and the Revolution glove is certainly one to talk about. Our Revolution mitt takes key aspects and protection upgrades from an Extreme Flex 3 base. The EF3 glove is known for its 600 degree style closure, but larger cuff similar to what you would find on a 590 break. Here at GoalieMonkey, we found this style to be the best of both worlds for today’s goaltender. Keeping the same look throughout the line, the Revolution glove has a completely redone Koho 590 inspired graphic but over the 600 break.

On the face of the glove, there is a 1 piece cuff which allows for maximum coverage for goaltenders utilizing a blocking position. The cuff has also been re-engineered with a larger cuff along the top thumb side to help provide more coverage against pucks going towards the top shoulder.

Exclusive on the 599 model only, there will feature D30 material in the base of the palm to protect against harder shots. This additional material and padding can be found on the thumb and pinky side of the palm stitching and is noticeably more padded than previous models. This D30 acts like a pro palm and helps reduce the impact of potential stingers from pucks that do not find their way into the pocket.

Shown here, you will find standard HD foams in the palm to help protect against harder shots, but also allow for a quick break in.

In the pocket, the CCM Revolution mitt features the newly redesigned Double Tee pocket which has improvements for sight into the pocket and great puck retention. This Tee is a U-shape build where it connects in a circular base into the perimeter lacing. Within the spines of the Tee, there is a wider opening which allows the goalie to easily see right into or through their pocket. The pocket itself is very wide in terms of visual presentation and has more volume and shape to it, compared to a ‘V’ or cone shape seen on a traditional single-T pocket.

Through the backhand, you will find the standard tried and true CCM strapping system. It features standard Velcro straps across the fingers followed by Velcro closures across the knuckles and a nylon pull strap at the wrist. Closing out the entire backhand, the Revolution line will have an elongated cuff near the wrist to help provide more protection and coverage against errant pucks or sticks during play.



Closing Thoughts

The CCM Revolution 599, 597 and 595 models are our most innovative and exclusive CCM sets to date, and we feel that this pad is truly designed for those who are looking for a “softer” butterfly pad while keeping respect to the iconic Koho 590 model. We took successful aspects of that line and crossed it with today’s spec, mods and designs to give goaltenders a great line.

For goaltenders who are older and loved the 590 design and graphic, this will be the pad for you. If you are new to hearing about the Koho 590 and are now learning about the lineage of our new Revolution pad, thanks for reading and learning! Here at GoalieMonkey, we believe that this line is designed from direct feedback from our customers online, in our superstore locations and those who order custom. Check out all of the Revolution line exclusively on GoalieMonkey.com!

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