Exclusive On Ice Look: Bauer Supreme S29 Full Set

Brand new for 2018, Bauer has continued their evolution of the ever popular Supreme and OD1N model and released a Senior level line with key upgrades and specifications for the butterfly style goalie. Generally, our previous reviews have focused on the current Pro level line on the market, however we all feel that the Supreme S29 brings a great deal of technology for our customer shopping the Senior range price point.

Starting with the leg pads!

This set is exactly identical to what you find on the shelf in one of our many MonkeySports Superstore locations, but here are the specs below for the set that was used:

  • Supreme S29 White/Black colorway
  • Senior Small (33+1)
  • Long CRS straps
  • Removed boot strap

At the first glance when checking out the pads I absolutely feel in love with the simple graphic! I will admit, there was a bit of a curve when it came to the design as I was initially underwhelmed, but I have since found to embrace the simplicity and enjoy the shapes that the graphic creates on the ice. The large main section of the pad is has a sewn graphic which still features digital printed accents throughout. Above and below the main accent, you will also notice digital printed accents to give the pad more shape and definition. The logos on the vertical roll are slightly recessed in to the pad to help their durability over time.

The pad itself is traditionally sewn, unlike the 2S Pro counterpart with the outer material being made of a synthetic leather. You will notice a specific vertical roll, defined outer gusset and a stitched inner gusset. Now, the specific pro upgrades begin! First, there is an upgraded C.O.R.Tech knee and calf wing to give the goalie the same slide that pro’s get! This knee and calf wing is sewn in versus laced in, but the sliding properties and durability is designed to be the same.

Moving through to the back of the pad, the S29 pad has the same leg channel as the 2S pro. Starting at the knee, there is the CRS knee, calf and boot straps followed by Vent Armor foam in the calf wrap, minus the 37.5 Technology liner. The knee stack is now made with a black Nash to help grip the knee when in the butterfly so the knee better stays on the knee block during all downward movements.

If you are a goalie who likes to run your knee Velcro on an angle down to the calf, the outer knee flap is now 100% removable by 2 Velcro tabs on the outside of the pad. Or, if you like to run the knee strap traditionally behind the knee, the outer knee flap attachment features longer attachment tabs which better fit on the pad, giving more freedom of movement.

Lastly, another lovely addition to the S29 leg pad is the new laced in offset toe bridge on the boot channel. Lacing in the toe bridge allows for better durability and movement and an overall better connection to the pad. With the offset design, the goalie can get their foot closer to the ice during all movements while standing, down on the ice and in recoveries.

When using this set on the ice, I first noticed how simple the pad strapping was and how easy it was to move! The stiff boot break is something that I have always been a fan of in pad designs, as I find it makes it easier for my skate to move out of the pad and catch my edge. Downward movement felt much like pro line as sliding was as easy as it was on the first OD1N pad. Rebounds moved hard and fast away from the body, for the mid-level price point. This made it nice and easy to recover for the second shot and get back in to position.

Now, let’s check out the blocker!

Continuing on the success of the Supreme 1S and S190 models, the Supreme S29 blocker features key upgrades throughout the palm to give the goalie ultimate comfort through usage. This S29 blocker has stock specs in the White/Black colorway and comes in a Regular hand.

Dating back to the One100, I have always enjoyed Bauer blockers for their light weight and durable palms. Throughout the years, the comfort has continued to rise and I feel the S29 blocker is one of the most comfortable palms goalies could put their hands in to! The material used is an Ax Suede Pro design with a super soft Nash feel. This Nash liner is breathable with strategic stitching lines to increase durability throughout use.

The graphic is made of a combined style of Bauer’s new digital print style and traditional stitched lines. The graphic itself features digitally printed accents throughout the face to give depth and shape to the blocker. Across the face, the large graphic is stitched down throughout the sidewall to create a sleek shape. Within the board itself, it is made of specific HD foams to help push rebounds hard to the corner and made to protect the hand. 2S Pro blockers feature the same base; however the S29 does not have the Curv composite across the top layer.

On the back of the hand, the S29 will have the Free Flex Cuff design engineered to give the goalie complete freedom of movement to be able to make any save to their blocker side. The cuff itself is shorter and angled away from the chest protector so it will not get caught throughout play. Moving through to the inside of the hand, there is a nylon based moisture-wicking liner which reduces the sweat buildup. This design, coupled with the Ax Suede palm, allows for the best comfort all while reducing sweat on the hand. Truly, these two designs help keep the blocker feeling fresh for a long period of time with a quick drying time between uses.

On the ice, it took me a minute to remember that I was not wearing a Pro level blocker, as all of these features used to be synonymous in Pro level equipment. Rebounds were moved easily to the corner and I was able to seal the body confidently. The grip on the stick was extremely comfortable and I noticed a nice airflow through the fingers as the session went on.

Last, but not least – the glove!

Building on the success of the Supreme 1S and S190 models, the Supreme S29 glove has distinct new upgrades throughout the build process to make the glove more game ready right out of the box. Again, the specs on the equipment are exact to what you would find on the shelves of our MonkeySports superstores.

Starting with the break and closure, the S29 is based off of a full hand closure with a 75 degree angle. The 75 degree puts the pocket just above the top of the top of the index finger, making it feel like you are catching pucks just above your head. Personally, I find this to be an extremely comfortable angle as it allows me to position my lands low and in front of my body, cutting off the upward trajectory of the puck and catching clean in the pocket. Directly in the middle of the palm, there is a new construction which is similar to the Vapor model. The crease in the palm is shaped more like a U instead of a V. This U shape closure resembles the spine of a book where it stays flat against the palm and allows the fingers portion of the glove to seamlessly integrate towards the thumb.

Next, Bauer has made added in a Split T design which helps goaltenders with catching the puck and the visual connection with catching the puck. This Split T has 2 spines running down from the top portion of the T down to the perimeter lacing. Both spines are perfectly spaced out to reduce material within the pocket and connected by lace, which aids in a softer catch. Also, there is more visibility in to the pocket so goaltenders never lose their visual attachment which is paramount to ultimate puck control.

Internally, Bauer has gone with1 strap running across the back of the hand and 1 traditional wrist strap. The fingers have a neoprene design across them to ensure a tight fit on the hand without making the straps too tight.

On the ice, I honestly forgot that I was wearing a Senior level glove. The S29 felt much like the Pro gloves I was using just a few years back and the protection was there. Truly, I felt like I was harnessing the power of the Infinity Gauntlet when out on the ice. I did not feel bulletproof like some tend to describe, but I did not feel any stingers or weak spots throughout my uses so far. I was able to catch multiple pucks clean in the pocket, puck handle and grab my stick without issue and open the glove wide to visually prevent to the shooter. Note, I did not do anything to break the glove in, other than wear my hand in it for 5 minutes around the office and then take it right to a session.

Final Thoughts

Wow! For the first time in about 7 years, I was wearing Senior level gear instead of Pro. Not once, did I feel like any of my safety was compromised and I felt that I could play at the absolute top of my game. S29 pads were able to slide incredibly well on dirty or fresh ice, movements and recoveries were all crisp and the gloves were light and balanced. Right out of the box, the gear was ready to use and required almost no break in time. I felt that within 2 single hour sessions, the gear was perfect for me and I felt like I was wearing it for years. For the goaltender that is looking to get a lot of Pro level designs, but might not have the budget for that Pro level, the Supreme S29 is an incredible line of equipment that should definitely be checked out!

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