EXCLUSIVE On Ice Review: CCM Premier II Pro Goalie Stick

Brand new for 2018, CCM has continued on the success of their Premier line of goalie sticks and brought out the CCM Premier II Pro Stick. The Premier II Pro stick features improvements in performance, materials, feel and durability. For the purposes of the review, the specs of the stick used are a 25 inch paddle Crawford (182-2) Curve with “Goalie Monkey” custom labeling on the namebar.

When goalies first see this stick, they will notice the iridescence pattern throughout. Combined with visible Sigmatex materials, strategic white gradients and gloss finishes, the Premier II stick will absolutely catch your eye on the shelf. The creative look on this stick provides a subtle showcasing of logos yet a refined amount of paint which brings the weight down when compared to previous generations. The largest section of the paint on the stick will be on the blade with a fade up the paddle. This pattern is specifically designed to camouflage the blade on the ice to help with visual tricks against the shooter.

With the lighter color of the stick, you will see a strong material weave pattern on the shaft, shoulder and paddle. This visible pattern is Sigmatex material, which is new for the Premier II stick. Sigmatex material innovation is a carbon fiber base with woven patterns to provide ultra-lightweight feel while still giving the stick strength and durability. When flexing the stick, the Sigmatex will give a nice “pop” or spring which adds extra whip to your shot, pass or clearing attempt. Throughout the shaft, Sigmatex adds extra strength and durability to the shaft, which is now improved when compared to the previous generation.

At the shoulder of the stick, there is a large section of Stickak Grip which is specifically designed for the goaltender to keep a clean hold on the stick in their stance, yet provide an uninhibited slide when going for a poke check or moving the hand up to play the puck. The grip section runs about 8 inches past the shoulder of the stick and includes a ribbed design to give the goaltender the right amount of grip without the potential of wearing out a blocker palm.

When I first taped up the Premier II stick, I noticed a slight balance towards the blade of this stick. The specific balance point, in my opinion, would be right around the middle “C” in the logo. While most goaltenders would want the balance point directly under the hand, I find it more valuable to include a balance point slightly lower than center. This weight distribution gives an extremely lightweight feel to the stick while keeping the blade down on the ice. With other composites sticks I have used that had a balance point in the hand, I had to remind myself to force the blade flush to the ice.

The finish on this stick is absolutely breathtaking and the specific white fade on the stick had to have confused the other players on the ice as I was able to block 6 total passes cross-crease and from behind the net to the slot. Pucks redirected clean off the stick and angled nicely to the corner without any negative vibrations to the hand. Lastly, shooting with the Premier II was easy and simple, yet I felt that the passes off the blade were HOT. At certain points, I could not believe how crisp the passes were made and it amped up my confidence to stickhandle freely.

Overall, if you are a goalie who is looking for a high end composite goal stick that combines great durability, crisp passing and a breathtaking look, the CCM Premier II Stick will exceed your expectations. Check out our full line of CCM Premier II goalie equipment and exclusive colorways, patterns and style on GoalieMonkey.com.

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