In-Depth Review: Warrior Ritual G2 Pro/Classic Pro Chest and Arm

It’s impossible to deny the hype received by the Warrior Ritual Pro (often referred to as G1) chest and arm protector with its innovative arm shield design and its resulting success when it hit the market.  Taking this success in stride, Warrior has undoubtedly hit another home-run with the newest Ritual G2 Pro and all-new Ritual G2 Pro Classic chest and arm protectors.  With updates to the G2 Pro in areas that some found lacking on the original, Warrior has fine-tuned the unit to be even more mobile and durable than its predecessor, aiming to shift the appeal to nearly every style of play.

For goalies not sold on the innovative arm design, Warrior has added the Ritual G2 Classic to the lineup, giving goalies a more traditional option with arms constructed primarily of High Density (HD), Low Density (LD) foams, and PE Plastic inserts.  The Classic model features an identical body construction to the G2 Pro, the exclusive difference coming in the arms.

While the designs may differ from the different model, one thing has become clear; Warrior has brought their “A” game to the chest and arm market and these will, without a question, take the market by storm.

In this review, for each of the new Ritual G2 chest and arm protectors, we will cover the features that set these chest protectors apart, and why we believe these could be some of the most underrated units on the market.

Ritual G2 Pro and G2 Pro Classic:

This is Warrior’s pride and joy.  Based on the design of renowned goalie designer Pete Smith (Innovator of the original Vaughn Velocity line and eventually founder of Smith Hockey) every piece in this unit is designed to serve a particular purpose, with nothing left unattended.

Beginning with the body, the foam blocks are constructed of both HD and LD foams, for a combination of 3 layers.  The top most layer is LD foam designed to absorb puck impact and decrease the likelihood of inconsistent rebounds.  The transition from front foam blocks to side foam blocks features a solid break with seam, similar to some of the most popular chest protectors among the pros.  This allows for a full body wrap of the chest section, ensuring the ribs and side of the body are fully protected.

New for the G2 Pro and G2 Classic Pro are a row of removable body blocks.  What is great about these is they haven’t removed any blocks from the body to accommodate for this extra row.  These are purely additional length while keeping with the same sizing dimensions.  For the tall goalies like myself this becomes incredibly useful in getting the desired length without sacrificing mobility with the increased arm length that comes with moving up in unit size.  Need a shorter unit?  No problem.  Removing the row of blocks (attached by Velcro running the whole width of the body) will put you right back at the size of the stock G1 unit.

Removable pad extensions found on both the Ritual G2 Pro and G2 Classic Pro

In the never-ending mission by gear manufacturers to make gear as light as possible, Warrior has implemented an innovative body wrap system on the G2 Pro and Classic.  Gone are the days of broken clips on the side of the body with no replacements available.  On all models of the Ritual G2 from the Pro to the Classic and Senior, as well as the G2 Intermediate, a Velcro attachment system has been implemented with 1.5” elastic, available to be anchored at 3 points along either side of the body.  Not only does this offer a full range of tension and fit adjustments, but you’ll be getting ready faster than ever now that you don’t have to fumble with plastic clips when you are in a pinch for time.

Highly adjustable body harness system found on the Ritual G2 Pro, G2 Classic Pro, G2 Senior, and G2 Intermediate models.

Although many will choose not to admit it, one of the biggest players for goalies when choosing a new piece of gear is the presence it shows in net.  There’s not a goalie who doesn’t want to look bigger when facing shooters.  Knowing this, Pete Smith and Warrior have taken a new approach to the shoulder floaters, not only removing breaks from the shoulder floaters (resulting in a taller shoulder section) but also integrating an air pillow into the backside of the floater.

New squarer shoulders ans shoulder floaters found on all new Ritual G2 models.

This isn’t an unnecessarily large pillow like many companies choose to provide, but rather a small piece of foam designed to bump up the height in the shoulder area, square it up to the shooter, yet still allow for full range of vision when turning side to side.  As Smith refers to it,

“There’s a fine line between too little and too much coverage on the shoulders. We all want coverage but it cannot come at the price of head mobility and vision. We tweaked the shoulder floaters until we found the perfect balance.”Like the Ritual G1, the new line of Ritual pro chest and arm units feature a molded foam sternum guard.  This incredibly lightweight material does an excellent job of absorbing impacts from even the hardest shots.

Here at GoalieMonkey, what we love so much about this material is its ability to form and flex while remaining protective.  This piece includes a Velcro elastic adjustment for specific tensioning.

Molded foam sternum guard found on the new Ritual G2 Pro and G2 Classic Pro models.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for.  The arms.  This is where the G2 Pro and G2 Classic Pro differ vastly.  The G2 Pro has continued the succession of the revolutionary hinged arms design to offer even more mobility and durability than ever before.  With the addition of the G2 Classic Pro, goalies are now presented with an additional option with traditional materials in arm construction.

So let’s start with the G2 Pro.

Brand new out of the box, here is a demonstration of the effortless mobility the Ritual G2 Pro presents to goalies.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice a change in the construction of the “shield” portions.  Addressing complaints of some goalies experiencing poor durability from the mechanical parts on the Ritual G1, Warrior has introduced a second soft shield in the upper bicep area with internal PE plastic reinforcement.  Not only is this designed to improve durability, but significantly increases arm mobility and function with its articulating design.  Upon wearing the unit for the first time out of the box, I was able to effortlessly reach over my head and to my opposite ear with nearly nonexistent restriction.

Additionally, the Ritual G2 Pro features Warrior’s new trampoline liner system, freeing up areas that were previously restrictive on the G1 and resulting in extremely fluid movement of the mechanical parts.


The rest mechanical portions of the arms remain mostly unchanged, however don’t take this as a negative.  The few changes that have been made from the Ritual G1 Pro result in a drastic improvement in both mobility and seemingly durability.

In an April 2015 blog post by Warrior goalie team designer Pete Smith, he adresses the arm changes on the G2:

“We knew immediately that the flexibility in the arms was not as good as it could have been. The basic concept was sound and did not need a drastic change so we were able to keep the superior protection and yet make the elbow area much more flexible as well as durable.”

With this, Warrior has shown that it doesn’t take a complete redesign of a product to create a homerun success.

After serving 3 years of customer experience at our GoalieMonkey Superstore in Santa Ana, Ca, I’ve had the chance to hear numerous opinions and reviews surrounding nearly every piece of gear on the market.  There was often a huge sense of hesitation with the innovative arms and how they would perform over time.  I urge goalies to give them a try as you may be surprised how natural they truly feel.

Even the Ritual G2 Classic Chest and Arm protector offers exceptional mobility right out of the box.

However, understandably, as with any piece of gear, it’s not for everyone.  Knowing that, for 2015 Warrior has introduced the Ritual G2 Classic Pro to complement the G2 Pro.  The Classic Pro allows goalies the secondary option of the successful Ritual Pro chest portion paired with a more traditionally constructed arm design.

The Ritual G2 Classic Pro utilizes a similar design to the G2 Senior with the addition of pro-level protection and materials throughout the arm.  The product is an exceptionally mobile arm with a soft feel.  For the goalies that look to shave weight in each piece of their gear, they’ll be pleased to know that with the inclusion of the traditionally constructed arms, the G2 Classic Pro weighs in at an ultralight 6.12 pounds in a large size (2.78 kg for our metric folk) while the G2 Pro and its added mechanical features weigh in at 7.45 pounds (3.38 kg).  With the inclusion of the G2 Classic Pro, Warrior is making it very difficult to be overlooked in today’s lineup of chest and arm units.G2_classic_arm_frontG2_classic_arm_side

Lastly in the new line of Warrior Ritual G2 chest and arm protectors is the G2 Senior.  Based upon last year’s Ritual Senior unit, the G2 Senior utilizes an updated elbow floater design and new shoulder floaters to actively make the goalie look bigger in net while offering additional protection to the most critical areas.  The elbow floaters have been flattened on either side of the elbow, allowing for both an increase in width (while remaining within NHL Legal regulations) as well as a tighter fit to the body when trying to keep pucks from squeezing in between the arm and body.  This unit is great for the goalie not looking to break the bank yet still get the protection they need to stand up to difficult shots.  Weighing in just under the G2 Classic Pro, the G2 Senior comes in at a very light 6.04 pounds (2.74 kg, large size).

Pete Smith and his team are incredibly proud of the design and in a closing statement he writes,

“A high end product has to last so we identified areas of vulnerability and worked to improve the durability. Upon hitting the ice, the improvements are immediately noticeable; turning what was an innovative and revolutionary product into what’s now a highly refined, state of the art, innovative and revolutionary product.”

Whether it’s the Ritual G2 Pro, Classic Pro, or G2 Senior, one thing is for sure: you won’t want to miss checking out Warriors brand new line of chest and arm protectors.

These, along with the new line of Warrior G2 pants and accessories can be found with the best selection at and GoalieMonkey Retail Locations across the United States.

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